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RFID CAtering management

The traceability of textiles in the catering sector is an important aspect to guarantee the quality and hygiene of clothing used in the kitchen or for table service. Traceability can be achieved through the use of different techniques, such as:

  1. Labeling of textiles: each garment can be labeled with a unique code that identifies the type, size and date of purchase. In this way, it is possible to follow the history of the garment and learn about its use over time.

  2. Computerized garment management: Using garment management software can allow you to monitor the availability, cleaning and maintenance of garments efficiently and automatically.

  3. Using RFID: RFID tags can be applied to clothing to track its movement and position in real time. This way, you can check the availability of your clothing and prevent any losses.

  4. Garment Cleanliness Tracking: Every time a garment is washed, it can be tracked through a computerized management system to ensure it has been cleaned and sanitized properly.

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