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RFID Management of Flat Linen

The traceability of flat linen in an industrial laundry is a fundamental aspect to guarantee the hygiene and safety of guests who use the washed products.

Traceability allows you to identify the origin and destination of flat linen, as well as the washing and drying processes to which it has been subjected.

To ensure the traceability of flat linen, industrial laundries often use automated order management and linen tracking systems, which allow each phase of the manufacturing process to be recorded and monitored.

Additionally, products are often identified with barcodes or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to facilitate tracking and management of workflows.

To ensure accurate traceability, it is important that each piece of flat linen is uniquely labeled with an identification code, that each step of the manufacturing process is recorded, and that a data archive is maintained for an adequate period of time for any need for subsequent traceability.

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