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UID Cloud Reader
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The Cloud Reader App allows you to track all readings of dirty and clean linen taken via the RFiD/UHF reading booths of UID Italia s.r.l.
It also allows, via a special portable Bluetooth reader, to take linen readings directly from customers at the time of collection or delivery.
All the readings carried out are transferred directly to the webserver installed at your laundry where they will be processed by the central UID_LS_PRO software through specific web services.
Furthermore, the App allows you to carry out inventories at the customer's premises or simply do a mass reading of laundry trolleys and obtain information on the readings just taken thanks to the "INFO TAG" function.

Again through the use of a Bluetooth RFID reader it is possible to use the "Radar" function to search for the presence of a single TAG in the reading range.  
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